Proofreading Tips

You have finished writing your first draft. You've even spell-checked your work. Almost done, right?

Well, actually no. Don't hit that "print" button yet, because you still have a lot of work to do.

Be Your Own Simon Cowell

Our favorite judge on reality TV singing shows is the one who bluntly tells people who are awful at singing that they are, in fact, awful. That doesn't mean that the performers in question are irredeemable. Maybe they just need to work on their trade and come back later. The performer's family has done them the disservice of misleading them -- and they had to find out on national television!

Luckily, you don't have to wait until you are standing on a national stage, with your shortcomings exposed for the world to see. You can avoid this fate by being your own Simon Cowell. You have to be a blunt, yet honest judge when you are proofreading your own writing.

In Someone Else's Shoes

Try to imagine your audience's perspective. Detach your mind from your own research for a moment, and assume that you, like your audience, has never heard of the new information you are about to convey. What is your target audience's experience? What is their educational background? How can you communicate your exciting new ideas so as to require the least effort on their part?

Document Grader is Here to Help.

Writing is hard work. Proofreading your own writing is also hard work, but it is a vital step in the writing process. Document Grader will help you in this writing process.

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