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Document Grader does everything that other proofreading tools, spell checkers and English grammar editors do, except much, much more.

While the best word processors and proofreading tools available will only help you find spelling mistakes, superficial grammar issues or punctuation problems, Document Grader dives deep into the readability of your essay, eBook, blog post or formal email and tells you where and how to drastically improve your writing.

After a few days using this English proofreading tool, you will find yourself thinking more critically about your own writing. As you are empowered to better challenge your own writing abilities, you will continue to write more effectively for the rest of your life.

Do you remember the last time you read a captivating book, an informative blog post or an entertaining news article? How would you like to captivate, inform and entertain people with your own writing? DocGrader will equip you to reach that goal.

But where do you start?

Start by writing something. Maybe you have a writing assignment, so you don't have a choice. If you need to create blog content to back up your website or product online, then you should make that content sound as competent as possible. If you plan to send out an email to your co-workers or clients, then you probably want to sound as professional as possible. Or, if you are writing an eBook and you need a second pair of eyes, DocGrader is the tool for you.

After you have finished your work, simply copy and paste it into the editor windows on the DocGrader homepage. Within seconds, the automated grading system will give you feedback based on hundreds of language and grammar checks.

DocGrader will flag highlight language issues in your essay, term paper, eBook, blog post or email and give you contextual guidance to fix those issues. In some cases, you will receive a one-click fix. This depends on DocGrader figuring out a suggested correction that will most likely work in that context. In more complex cases that depend on you maintaining the context of your writing, DocGrader will highlight the problem area and give you careful guidance to fix the issue, including and explanation and multiple relevant examples.

Doc Grader will guide you through making your writing easier to read as you clarify your message and avoid a wide range of issues that separate the amateurs from the professionals. And you can use it for free!

This tool will help you make your essays, eBooks and blog posts a pleasure to read. As you gain more experience using the tool, you yourself will become a vastly improved writer.

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